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Google TrendsHave you ever wanted to know how many people would come to your site if you manage to get the very first line on the Google results page for the intended keyword? Thanks to last improvements in Google Trends, practical knowledge of the famous Internet marketer Ed Dale and several days of coding and testing we can assure that you can find out this right now!

Our free script, nTrendsMasters, will give you as accurate as possible information about the popularity and level of competition for any keyword you like. You will hardly find such a valuable information elsewhere on the Internet!

So, here it is:


Script Features:

  • It shows daily search traffic for a site which posesses the very first line on the Google results page for a chosen keyword (for exact and general match).
  • It shows the number of competing pages (for exact and general match).
  • You can choose any keyword to compare with (male yeast infection and 500 searches a day are set by default, Ed Dale used this data during his Thirty Day Challenge 2007 and according to the Google Trends graph the data hadn’t changed greatly since then).
  • You can set different timeframes for analysis.
  • You can explore traffic statistics not only for keywords in English but in other languages as well.
  • You can view and sort your keywords in your browser.
  • You can export data for futher analysis (in .csv format).
  • You can feed about 1000 keywords to the script at a time.
  • The script can work on a remote server or a local server. It’s up to you to choose.
  • User-friendly interface.

Script Installation:

1. If you want to install nTrendsMaster on a remote server, just copy the content of the ZIP-folder to your server and don’t forget to set CHMOD 777 for the following files: .cookie, keywords.txt and keywordsout.csv.

2. If you prefer to use a local server, you should download and install the XAMPP-Installer package. Beyond the link you’ll find the installation guide as well.

3. After the installation succesfully ends, find the following files:

  • \xampp\php\php.ini
  • \xampp\apache\bin\php.ini

and delete the ‘;‘ sign before the ‘extension=php_curl.dll‘ line (use Notepad++ editor).

3. Download ZIP-folder with the script and unzip it to the \xampp\htdocs\ntrendsmaster\ folder (you should create the ntrendsmaster folder in advance).

4. Start the local server. (Just click on the appropriate icon on your desktop.)


5. Type in http://localhost/ntrendsmaster/ in your browser and press Enter.

Script Usage:

1. Before you start finding profitable keywords with the help of the nTrendsMaster, you must set some settings in the config.php file (for editing .php files I recommend to use Notepad++ editor).

Firstly you should insert your Google account information (don’t worry, the script doesn’t call home, so nobody except you will know this information).

Google login details

Then you should set a benchmark keyword (keyphrase) and a number of daily visits. By default our script uses the keyphrase male yeast infection and is set for 500 visits a day. Certainly it’s much better for you to use your own phrase (if you have a site or a page, posessing a No.1 position in the Google SERPs), but if you don’t have such a phrase, just use default settings.

keyword and daily visits settings

You can also choose a timeframe for analysis. Basically nTrendsMaster compares traffic levels for the last 12 months.

Setting timeframe

2. Copy your keywords list to the Keywords window.

keywords list

3. Choose in which format you want to view the results.

Choose a format

You can (1) view the results in your browser, (2) save the data in a .csv file on your hard drive, or (3) send the results to the keywordsout.csv file included in the script folder.

4. Click the ‘Check’ button and wait until nTrendsMaster processes the data.

5. Choose the most profitable keywords and make money!

Enjoy 😉

p.s. If you don’t have a decent keywords list, you’ll find some useful links inside the nTrendsMaster.

p.p.s. If you like the script, plase, give it some social love. We’d really appreciate, if you Sphinn it.

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